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Non-transgenic products with international certification.

Caramuru guarantees sustainable products with traceability that meet global demands by following strict control processes accredited by the highest national and international certifications. The United States, Germany, Turkey, South Korea, Denmark, and Italy, in addition to Brazil, are some of the countries that have already been captivated by non-transgenic products processed by the company in the industrial units of Sorriso-MT and São Simão-GO.

Social-environmental Traceability

Caramuru only acquires raw materials from suppliers that comply with social-environmental criteria, especially the Brazilian environmental law, featuring the Amazon and the Brazilian Cerrado. Traceability allows fighting slave-like labor and respecting indigenous peoples. A work that provides for security and guarantees the origin of raw materials and the insertion of rural producers in a sustainable chain, protecting the flora and the fauna. savannah). Traceability allows Caramuru to combat work analogous to slavery and promote respect for Indigenous peoples. This is work that generates safety and guarantees the sourcing of raw materials and the insertion of the rural producer into a sustainable supply chain, providing full protection for the environment - fauna and flora. fauna and Flora.

More than 600.000 tons of non-transgenic soybean processed.

Monitoring of rural properties, involving 100% of raw material suppliers.


Environmentally correct and recognized as the best and most sustainable meal of vegetable origin, SPC (Soy Protein Concentrate) produced by Caramuru replaces fish meal in aquaculture and has high protein content (above 60%).

288.000 tons of SPC produced per year

One of the renewable source that reduces fish catching for feed formulation.


Caramuru also produces a high protein (minimum 48%) hipro soybean meal for animal feed production. With a focus on the export market, hipro soybean meal exports are mainly aimed at Europe.


Complying with the strictest quality standards and using leading technologies, Caramuru produces Non-GMO soy lecithin from non-genetically modified grains with traceability. For being a natural emulsifier, it can be used in several sectors in the production of chocolates, butter, ice creams, cookies, bread and pasta, candies, sauces, instant products, diet products, and cosmetics.


Caramuru produces high-quality refined glycerin with high glycerol content from the biofuel production process, generating excellent yield in refining operations and has several applications to supply the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries.